Creating a New User

To create a new user in the video recorder, make sure you first have access and are logged in to an administrator account.
Before creating the new user, you need to know which user type you want to assign to the new user. The user type will allow and disallow certain privileges for the camera system. In the Uniview system, there are 4 of these privilege types, which consist of:
Admin: The default system account with access to all aspects of the video recorder, default password is 123456
Default: Default user that stays in the system, cannot be created or deleted, only has access to live view and two-way audio. If the default user is denied access, the corresponding channel is locked when no user is logged in, and appears in the window
Operator: Has basic permissions and access to cameras
Guest: Only has access to view cameras by default
To add a new user, right click anywhere on your video recorder camera main screen, select Menu, then navigate to System, then find the User tab.
From this screen, you can add a new user by clicking ADD at the top of the screen. Then, set the username, user type, password, and permissions for the new user. Make sure to click OK to save the settings.

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