Creating/Managing Accounts & Passwords

The password setup allows you to assign permission and rights to accounts. You can create up to 1,000 passwords. The s c Setup function. Click the account name at the top left,  click Password Setup, and select Local Account Edit.
Creating a New Account
To create a new account:
1. Click the New button at the lower-left hand corner.
2. Type the user’s ID name and password. Re-enter the same password in the Password Confirmation field.
3. Give a Hint (optional) that would remind you of the password.
4. Select the account’s authorization level: Supervisor, PowerUser or User.
• Accounts belonging to the Supervisor level have permissions over all GV-Vital Sign Monitor settings.
• By default, PowerUsers have the same permission and rights as Supervisors, except that they cannot edit user information and delete the password system (described later).
• Accounts belonging to the User level are restricted from all system settings, and have only limited access to certain functions.
5. Click OK to add the user.
6. If you want to enable the guest account, click Guest and clear the selection for Disable Account. Guests are only allowed to watch live view. After an account is created, only supervisors are allowed to edit the account in the future. To edit, select an account from the account list. Or, right-click an account level (User, PowerUser, Supervisor), and click Find Specific Account for a quick search. A valid password is required to edit a supervisor. 

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