Setting Up Motion Activated Recording

Motion Detection Recording
Navigate to the Menu by right-clicking anywhere and selecting Menu
1. Click Alarm, then find the Motion tab
2. Select the camera from the list, and then select the check box to
enable motion detection.
NOTE: Motion detection is enabled on the NVR by default. Unless
modified, the detection area covers the full screen, and recording is
triggered only for the current camera. The settings remain if you
disable motion detection and then enable it.
  • An alarm icon appears in the upper right corner when motion is
3. In the preview window on the left side, click and drag your mouse
to specify a motion detection area (red grid). Use the sliders to
adjust detection sensitivity, target object size, and duration.
4. Configure motion detection recording: click right to Trigger
Actions, click the Recording tab, select the desired camera, and
then click OK.
5. (Optional) Configure an arming schedule (time when actions will be
triggered): click right to Arming Schedule and then set time
periods as needed.
6. Set a recording schedule under Storage > Recording. For the
detailed steps, see Draw or Edit a Schedule. Make sure the
schedule type is Motion. The set schedule appears in green, which
stands for motion detection recording. The following figure shows
an example.

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