Setting a Specified Recording Shedule

Draw or Edit a Schedule
Make a recording or snapshot schedule by drawing (pressing and
dragging) or by editing (using the Edit button). The operations for
recording and snapshot are similar, so this section only describes how to
make a recording schedule.
Navigate to the menu
1. Click Storage > Recording.
2. Select the camera from the list. Schedule is enabled by default. If it
is disabled, select to enable it.
3. Set Pre-Record and Post-Record as needed.
4. (Applicable to some NVR models) To save a redundant copy of
recordings, select Enable Redundant Recording and configure a
redundant hard disk (see Disk Management for details).
5. Click a color icon on the right under the Edit button and then draw
a schedule on the left. You may also click Edit and set schedule
details in the Edit Schedule window.
NOTE:When editing a schedule, you may clear the All Day check box and set up
to eight different periods for each day. To apply the settings to other
day(s), select the day(s) right to Copy To.
6. Click Apply.
7. (Optional) Click Copy to apply the same settings to other cameras.

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