Saving Video Clip Backup to a Device

The Backup option, referred to as a recording backup takes files from the NVR and saves them to a DVD-R disc or a USB storage device. To properly save this data externally, the device has to meet the following conditions:
Back up using a USB storage device: Format the USB in FAT32 or NTFS format; connect the storage device to the NVR.
Back up using a disc: use a GP65NB60 DVD burner. Make sure the DVD-R disc is empty, and the burner is correctly connected to the NVR.
NOTE: The default file format is .mp4 when you back up recordings to a USB storage device.
When backing up using a disc, recordings are saved as .TS files only.
Normal Backup
1. Click Backup > Recording. All cameras are selected by default.
2. Set search conditions and then click Search. Search results are displayed. NOTE! You can lock/unlock and play recording files in this window.
3. Select the desired recording(s) and then click Backup.
4. Select a partition.
  • Back up to USB storage device
  • Set the destination in the USB storage device and then click Backup. The recording(s) will be saved to the specified directory. NOTE: You may want to create a new folder for the recording(s) by clicking New Folder.
  • If the connected storage device has a capacity that is greater than 2T, clicking Format will format the device to NTFS file system; if the capacity is 2T or less, the device will be formatted to FAT32 or NTFS. Only certain devices can format a storage device that has a greater capacity than 2T.
  • A progress bar (e.g., Exporting X/Y) is displayed to indicate the progress, where X indicates the current number being backed up, and Y indicates the total number of recordings. To cancel the operation, click Cancel.
  • A backup file is named in this format: camera name-recording start time.file extension. For example, Ch9-20150630183546.mp4.
Back up to a DVD-R disc
Set the destination and then click Backup. The recording(s) will be saved to the specified directory. NOTE: Before you start burning, check that the video to back up was not compressed using U-Code.
  • Clicking Cancel before burning is finished will cause the disc unusable.
  • When burning is finished, wait for the drive to eject itself. Do not eject the drive manually.
  • The NVR does not support playback of recordings saved on a disc.
Video Clip Backup
A recording can be clipped and saved to a USB storage device.
1. Open the Playback window (Right-click anywhere on the main screen, and select Playback).
2. After playback starts, click the Start Clip button and End Clip (Scissor icon) buttons on the playback toolbar to clip videos.
3. Click the Save Icon and then click the Video Clip tab to view video clips.
4. Select the desired video clip(s) and then click Backup.
5. Select a destination in the USB storage device and then click Backup. The selected video clips are saved to the specified directory.

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